Educational Projects

Some Educational Projects Supported by POST

Purley Overseas Trust supports the John Lyall Trust’s educational work in Wawa, a poor shanty town in the Philippines (Figs. 1-6) and the construction of a new double classroom in a remote area of Zimbabwe (Fig. 7).

Fig. 1. Wawa is prone to flooding!

Fig. 2. Temporary accommodation in a local school after a typhoon

Fig. 3. Children on the nutrition programme - theory

Fig. 4. Children on the nutrition programme – practical!

Fig 5. A basic literacy lesson

Fig. 6. More advanced literacy work

Fig. 7. POST is helping to construct a new double classroom at Dugu, a remote part of Zimbabwe.

Purley Overseas Trust has supported several Project Trust Volunteers over the years. These are young people who spend a gap year teaching in many different parts of the world from South America to African Countries, the Far East and China.