Sociological Projects

The Bumala Trust  РOne of the Sociological Projects Supported by POST

The Bumala Trust raises funds for the orphans and widows of HIV/Aids victims in and around Bumala N.W.Kenya.

Fig. 1. Children gathering together to play on a non-school day

Fig. 2. A widow receives maize grain donated by the Bumala trust

Fig. 3. In order for the orphanage to become self-sufficient a tree nursery was started in November 2008

Fig. 4. A nursery of Cypress trees

Fig. 5. A shallow well which is used for watering the tree seedlings.

Fig. 6. Orphans draw water from the well to water trees. A pump would be helpul! Cost £100

Fig. 7. Preparing land for a banana plantation. About 1000 banana trees have now been planted

Fig. 8. Orphans at a kale plot

Fig. 9. Time for lunch!