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Application for Support

Application for Support from the Purley Overseas Trust (POST)

Registered Charity Number: 291140

POST’s mission is to help the poorest people of the world to help themselves to a better standard of living by funding small-scale self-generating projects. Projects that we have helped to fund in the past have mostly been in the categories of agriculture, health/sociology and education and the amounts of the support have varied but have usually been in the range of £200 – £1,000.

PLEASE NOTE: We are a small volunteer organisation with limited funds. We receive many applications for support, and cannot reply to each of them individually. But we do consider each application we receive, and we will contact you if we feel we can offer you support. Unfortunately, we cannot support any application that does not meet the following criteria:

  1. We only support small organisations with annual turnover less than approx. £20,000 GBP or $30,000 USD

  2. We cannot support disaster relief appeals. There are other charities better placed than us to do this.

  3. You must supply all information requested, including details of annual turnover, recent accounts, etc.


If you think that your project and organisation meets these criteria, please complete the Support Application Form below:

Support Application Form

Fields marked with a * are required.

Your Name *
Please include title, and use CAPTIALS for SURNAME / FAMILY NAME - e.g. Dr. Richard STRANGE

Name of your Organisation / Project

Postal Address *


Telephone (with country code if outside UK) *

Your Email Address *

Charity Commission Number or other form of official validation

Independent References *
Please supply the details of an independent person or organisation whom we may contact to verify your application

Amount of Annual Turnover or Revenue*
Please specify your organisation's total annual income, including the currency used - e.g. 8000 GBP, 12000 USD, etc.

Type of Project *
e.g. Agricultural, Educational, Medical, Social, Other - maximum 50 characters

Please specify the amount and currency - e.g. 500 GBP or 800 USD

Description of Project *
Please describe the aims of the project and what the funds will be used for - maximum 4000 characters (approx. 650 words)

Other means of support*
Please list all recent or regular funds you receive


Please enter the characters shown above:


PLEASE NOTE: We will send you a confirmation email WHICH YOU MUST REPLY TO, attaching a copy of your latest accounts + any other supporting documentation. WE CANNOT PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION!

(Word, Excel, PDF or similar)