Recently Funded Projects

These are projects that have recently been awarded funding by POST.

It is an incredibly difficult decision to decide which applications to support from the many we receive each month, but we try to pick those that will have the biggest impact with what little money we can give.

February 2023

  • Foyerdenfant + femme, DR Congo
    436 GBP – Solar panels for health centre
  • Mount Zion Welfare Org., Ghana
    500 GBP – Water bore hole lining + pipes

October 2022

  • DARUDEFO (Divine Action), Uganda
    600 GBP – Scholastic material
  • Star Awake, Kenya
    806 GBP – Water storage and pipeline

July 2022

  • Alpha Women, Uganda
    383 GBP – Women ground nut farmers supplies
  • St Dominic’s Health, Uganda
    700 GBP – Clean water and refurbish maternity
  • Rwenzori United, Uganda
    500 GBP – Briquette making from corn husks

May 2022

  • Kiwani Health Centre, Uganda
    480 GBP – Motorbike ambulance
  • Winners Group Initiative, Kenya
    500 GBP – Materials for a special school
  • Stewards of Hope, Ghana
    991 GBP – Classroom roof

January 2022

  • Companion care support initiat., Nigeria
    500 GBP – Health centre equipment
  • Jehova Women, Uganda
    500 GBP – Solar lighting for hospital
  • Kapens Farmers Co-op Trust, Malawi
    491 GBP – Sustainable soya bean production

October 2021

  • WOLIDEVE, Uganda
    500 GBP – 10,000 litre water tank for a community hospital
    750 GBP – community clinic and toilet block
  • RWAE, Uganda
    450 GBP – renovation of three classrooms and clean water supply
  • FOWACE, Libera
    863 GBP – tools and seedlings for a community garden

February 2020

  • Prime Initiatives, Ghana
    800 GBP to supply 30 ‘dual’ desks for 180 primary school pupils
  • Youth and Women for Sustainable Development, Uganda
    600 GBP to repair a water borehole as nearest alternative supply is a swamp 2 hours’ walk away

December 2019

  • Association des Jeunes Travailleurs des Sexes, Democratic Republic of Congo.
    1600 USD for solar power for a health centre.

October 2019

  • Pamodzi Rainbow Network, Zimbabwe
    685 USD for Training disabled people in fish farming
  • MountZion Welfare Organisation, Ghana
    1000 GBP for Construction of 3 boreholes and 10 water storage tanks for a village of 15,000 people
  • SRCDO, Uganda
    300 USD for Training 40 orphans and their caregivers in cabbage cultivation

August 2019

  • Women Arises Association, Uganda
    600 GBP to repair a deep well water supply
  • Topping Crue Foundation, Zambia
    560 GBP towards transport of tools and complete community school
  • Give Opportunity Global, Uganda
    500 GBP to complete construction of 3 classrooms

June 2019

  • Pamudzi youth For Development (PAYFD)
    1000 GBP for banana crops & reforestation in Malawi
  • Rwenzori United Group for Life Improvement (RUGLI)
    500 GBP for school desks in Uganda
  • Happy Youth Development Association (HYDA)
    900 GBP for water sanitation in Uganda

April 2019

    500 GBP for library textbooks
  • Nsugeni Community Based Organization, Zambia
    500 GBP for sewing project
  • Prime Initiatives, Ghana
    500 GBP for furniture for clinic
    500 GBP for  – poultry farming

January 2019

  • Asset Trust, India
    300 GBP for 50 children’s school equipment
  • Rubirizi Women Association for Empowerment, Uganda
    600 GBP for a toilet block
  • Rural People Development Society, India
    500 GBP for Bore well serving 12,000 people

November 2018

  • Divine Action Rural Dev
    450 GBP for education equipment in Uganda
  • Ecological Balance
    450 GBP for forest garden in Cameroon

September 2018

  • Action For Change, Cameroon
    500 GBP for textbooks & furniture for a school library
  • Youth and Women Initiative for Sustainable Development, Uganda
    500 GBP for new roofing for 6 classrooms

August 2018

  • Girl Smile Rwanda Association, Rwanda
    800 GBP for school vegetable gardens
  • Skilling for Rural Communities, Uganda
    600 GBP for 10,000 litre water tank
  • Foundation for woman and children empowerment, Liberia
    600 GBP for a women’s gardening and agricultural project

May 2018

  • Raise33, India
    600 GBP for repairing three bore hole wells
  • AWODES, Uganda
    600 GBP for boys and girls sanitary pad making and education in hygiene.
  • NAWODE, Uganda
    500 GBP for kitchen gardens for 50 women
  • OGBUERI, Nigeria
    333 GBP for poultry including vaccinations

March 2018

    500 GBP for the construction of a 3-classroom school building for the children of a poor farming community
    500 GBP to purchase 10,000 fruit tree seedlings to be planted throughout 10 villages affected by drought and global warming
  • MSICHANA MWAFRIKA AGENDA, a women’s group in Kenya
    500 GBP to construct a fodder silo and equipment for a dairy farm

January 2018

  • CCDR (Centre for Child Development and Research, Malawi
    950 GBP to fund the building of a classroom and provide teaching materials and a first aid box in Mponela district

November 2017

  • Sain Tus Center NG, Mongolia
    600 GBP for 30 families seeds and tool
  • PEAS (Peoples Educational Awareness Service) Trust, Tamil Nadu, India
    600 GBP for millet and pulse production
  • BARWODA (Bayira Rural Womens Development Association), Uganda
    600 GBP to set up a project for poor women to produce fuel briquettes